Setup Mautic with lando & composer

Update: You can also easily checkout this repo and just lando start to spin it up:


  • lando
  • composer

Install Mautic via composer

Replace YOURPROJECTNAME with the name of the projects folder.



Create .lando.yml with the following content:

Build containers

This will create the needed docker containers (can take a while).

Once the containers are up and running we can access

Let’s setup Mautic

Let’s open
You should see now the following screen:

Step 1

Set Database settings to use the following:

Database: mautic,
Password: mautic,
Username: mautic
Host: database,
Port: 3306

Step 2

Setup your admin user:

Username: admin
Name: Your name
Last name: Your last name

Step 3

We set to use the mailserver to be the mailhog docker container:

Server: mailhog,
Port: 1025

And we can access Mailhog via


You can now login to your freshly installed Mautic setup with the credentials from the previous step.

Written by

Sascha Eggenberger. Senior User Experience Designer @unic @Drupal Contributor. Drupal Design System, Claro, Gin. #OpenSource

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