Setup Mautic with lando & composer

Update: You can also easily checkout this repo and just lando start to spin it up:


  • lando
  • composer

Install Mautic via composer

Replace YOURPROJECTNAME with the name of the projects folder.



Create .lando.yml with the following content:

Build containers

This will create the needed docker containers (can take a while).

Once the containers are up and running we can access

Let’s setup Mautic

Let’s open
You should see now the following screen:

Step 1

Set Database settings to use the following:

Database: mautic,
Password: mautic,
Username: mautic
Host: database,
Port: 3306

Step 2

Setup your admin user:

Username: admin
Name: Your name
Last name: Your last name

Step 3

We set to use the mailserver to be the mailhog docker container:

Server: mailhog,
Port: 1025

And we can access Mailhog via


You can now login to your freshly installed Mautic setup with the credentials from the previous step.

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